"Daryl Shawn is one of those acoustic guitar gems that can seize you and drag you along with him in an erratic dance in the pick of a string." Deli Magazine, New York

"...a rare find indeed, as anyone who knows enough guitarists will tell you." MuzikReviews.com


Daryl Shawn plays the hell out of a classical guitar, blending influences from around the globe with the guts of rock. Without the assistance of backing tracks, effects pedals or alternate tunings, he has developed an idiosyncratic array of guitar techniques that can produce the attack of a full band, simulate an African thumb piano, or lull one into reflection with the most tender of lullabies.

An alumnus of Berklee College of Music who went on to study classical and flamenco methods before devoting himself to writing his own songs, Shawn draws on a wide array of genres, while maintaining the emotional intensity and directness inherent in the best rock music. While much of his work is instrumental, Shawn often complements his impressive guitar skills with winsome, colorful lyrics, like Kaki King with a dash of Paul Simon.

Shawn is frequently on the road and has developed a taste for endurance challenges, from doing solo tours of up to 45 dates by train and bus to doing a full set in each of New York's five boroughs in one marathon day of performance.

Now based in Brooklyn, NY, Shawn is celebrating the release of his latest album, "In Place", while continuing to book and play live shows all across North America.

Festival appearances:
Saturationfest, Riverside, CA
Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland, OH
Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA
Boise Experimental Music Festival, Boise, ID
Norcal Noisefest, Sacramento, CA
International Looping Festival, Santa Cruz, CA
Millenium Festival, Harrisburg, PA

Venues/curated series:
Genghis Cohen, Los Angeles, CA
Jewel Box Theater, Seattle, WA
Googie's Lounge, New York, NY
Trummerflora, San Diego, CA
Fake Jazz, Vancouver, BC
Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles, CA Mardi Spaghetti series, Montreal, Quebec
Vortex series at Zeitgeist, Boston, MA
ABC No Rio's COMA improvised music series, New York, NY
Center for Improvised Music, Brooklyn, NY
Luggage Store Gallery's New Music series, San Francisco, CA
Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA

Billings with:
Adam Levy, Goh Nakamura, John Garrison, Paul Baribeau, Pi Jacobs, Basshaters, Buzz or Howl, G.E. Stinson, Steuart Liebig, Jonathan Segel, Bird Names, Tim Reynolds, John Hanes, Crooked Cowboy

Playing situations with:
Todd Reynolds, Greg Campbell, Jonathan Lamaster (Cul de Sac), Vinny Golia, Ross Hammond, Laurie Amat, Philip Greenlief, Lucio Menegon, Emily Hay, Gino Robair, Tom Baker, Moe Staiano, Todd Brunel

Radio appearances:
CIUT, Toronto, ON
WVKR, Vassar College, NY
KUAF, Fayetteville, AR

Keep up with his numerous other musical activities at SWANWELDER.COM.