Daryl News set list and lyrics – January 4 2021



Verse 1

The woman not born beautiful doesn’t suffer, or keep silent

She’s not waiting on a makeover miracle, or the wonders of modern science

The woman not born beautiful is happy to escape your notice

She’s rather not be bothered by the likes of you, rather not be crossed off a list

Still she’s smiling…


And she says “I’m above all of that

I’m above all of that, I’m above all of that

I’m above it all

I’m above all that, above all of that, above all that

Above it all”

Verse 2

The woman not born beautiful says “All of your talk just makes me stronger

And if you’re gonna stare why don’t you take a picture

Or just ask my name, it’s gonna last longer”

Still she’s smiling..

Refrain (as above)


Stepping through every doorway and facing the faces that turn away

Is a win over instinct every day

And to all the men who take a minute to call out

She just says to them, “Wait ‘til your hair falls out”

Repeat Verse 1



Verse 1

It’s a stillborn tuesday evening

We leave our phones and watches in the cars

You’re keeping to the shadows

Nobody ever sees you after dark

I know why we’re here

This cold observatory shuttered, silenced and blind

It’s a haven for the hangdogs

This time of night

Verse 2

They’ve gone and cleaned the sky for us

Nothing but a scrap of moon is left

You showed up dressed for mourning

But still the glimpse of gold between the breasts

I know why we’re here

At last we’re gonna face a most disagreeable task

I don’t blame you for the bleeding

But don’t twist the knife

Don’t twist the knife

Verse 3

We used to sit and stare til morning

The sky above our endless private show

But there’s nothing more left here for us

The city down there is hardly home

I know why we’re here

To mark an ending with a handshake and half an embrace

While i’m still at your mercy

Don’t twist the knife (4x)




Verse 1

Ruth was born in the Great War’s wake, and the Second saw her wed

Guests are gathered on a winter’s day, “But where’s her parents?” they said

A bridge-rail couldn’t stop a Packard spinning like a skidding sled

She walked down the aisle alone, said her vows at the water’s edge

The young couple got the family home, a hundred acres on the valley floor

The river runs beside the house where her two sons would be born

On the other side, a lonely graveyard holds the family bones

She visits them each morning, swimming the river alone



That river is wide and moves quick in the spring

The streams still carry snowballs while the valley buds are ripening

Frosty days won’t keep her from her one lasting joy

Swimming the Youghiogheny to see her boys

Swimming the Youghiogheny to see her boys


Verse 2

The oldest Davie got his place across the banks in ‘81

When the river rose in anger and broke free of its run

He was trying to save a tractor handed down with his share

But the water killed the motor, and it didn’t stop there

He was a fine, fine fisherman and a speed demon too

He loved his Kawasaki, and seeing what it would do

But he’d spend all day in the rowboat, just the fish for company

He never feared the river, and neither does she




Verse 3

Kenny got a place beside his brother in 1985

Taking the motorboat out at sunset to see the glow from the Eastern side

The coal tug’s lights were nothing next to the fire in the sky

No time to start the motor, no stopping the barge behind

He’d skinny-dip with the girls, and knuckle-bust with his dudes

And he’d dust it up with anyone like he had something to prove

When Davie moved away, Kenny stopped playing so tough

Just keeping the farm together was more than proof enough




Verse 4

Now she’s lived long enough to see old friends finish long lives of their own

And younger ones cut down before their roots took hold

Her husband loved her fifty years, then cancer took him too

But she never has a bitter word about yesterday’s bad news

She’s seen the farm fields giving ground to the grown-up kids they’d fed

They don’t leave their pre-fab mansions, tend their pre-fab flowerbeds

She’s creeping through their yards to be at water’s edge by dawn

May they never dam the Yough to keep the A/C humming on



Verse 1

This scene is innocent, it’s not like we’re caught in a crime

Just a couple of friends, passing friendly times

I know what’s yours, like i know what’s mine

But on nights like this, it’s hard to draw the line

Verse 2

You open a bottle, fill our glasses tall

Feels like i’m playing with fire, drinking with you at all

You have  a lover, i didn’t pull that straw

But think of me when the bloom is off

When the bloom is off

Verse 3

The hour’s getting late, we can barely say what we’re saying

You can stay here, i wanna tell you, you can stay

But i swallow my tongue, swallow the wine

I’ve already said too much today


It would be so easy

To pull you close to me

I’d touch that face i’ve known so long

Turn this prayer to song

Maybe we’re already guilty

For spending this time alone

Tell me again what villains we are

When i’m in your arms


Think of me when the bloom is off (3x)

Think of me, think of me



Steel yourself to friendly fire

Steel yourself to friendly words, spoken in a whisper

It’s a test of mettle, who’s made of sterner stuff

Who shows the toughest, tough


Save me a seat at ringside and let the games begin

In our suits of armor we are barely human

Save me a seat at ringside and get your numbers in

It’s murderous

Verse 2

First thing you learn is hunger

First thing you lose is pity

It’s not your job to care for the fallen

We’re not proud of the executions

They’re allowed to happen

Allowed to be forgotten



Verse 3

Comes a time to call in favors

Comes a time to cash it in

You’ve lost your taste for the kill

As the chips fall through your fingers

Does your life flash in front of your eyes

Can you leave the table satisfied

Chorus 3

Save me a seat at ringside and let the games begin

In our suits and ties we’re a terrifying sight

Save me a seat at ringside

And let the lions in

It’s murderous



Let’s all give it up to the ones who built the foundation of our states

To the ones we never thanked, the ones we never paid

Might seem like ancient history, but for the color of her face

My grandmother’s grandmother might have been born enslaved

Wasn’t long ago the american experiment began

Those demigods with a vision and the itching to expand

They said we all are equal we the people with the land

Then they sealed the deal with a show of white male hands

We’re not there yet, we’re not there yet, look how far we’ve come but we’re not there yet

We are not there yet, we’re not there yet, we need to keep on going we’re not there

Yet the owners stick together, guard each other’s things

Birds of a feather always crown each other king

They paint a pretty picture when a revolution stirs

While laying down the laws, making sure they come in first

They say preserve my heritage, bet they don’t want things to change

They say but all lives matter, bet their kids are not the ones in range

The founders didn’t speak for everyone, i don’t think they tried

They had some good ideas but we can build a better prize


Some people only find their liberty in death

Did a signer rape a housemaid while the ink was still wet

Guess a man had to die with a uniformed knee on his neck

For the world to see that we’re not there yet


A more perfect union would settle up this debt we need to keep on going we’re not there yet

Need to keep on moving we’re not there yet

Need to keep on walking we’re not there yet

Need to keep on shouting we’re not there yet

Need to keep on crying we’re not there yet

Need to keep on voting we’re not there yet

Need to kick it up, we’re not there yet

Not there yet, not there yet


Verse 1

To fog a mirror in the hall of memory

It’s not the deed that counts, it’s the drama

You mainly remember the words that meant the reverse

A no thanks missing its comma

And all those hopes and chances without the mercy

To throw water on their burning desires

And each coal that smolders in the cold ashes

Someday still could catch on fire

Verse 2

We were the first off the ground, never made it to orbit

We just couldn’t beat gravity

I was packing all that baby ballast

That never felt so heavy

I don’t blame you for your solo flight

Taking wing while i was tied to the tracks

Whatever we didn’t do back then

Baby, i wish we had

Verse 3

There’s nothing like dancing to make two look like one

At least one of us forgot how to count

But songs always end with a few words unspoken

And secrets only shared between mouths

i knew nothing about you but the way you moved

With your heels planting holes in the grass

Whatever we didn’t do back then

Baby, i wish we had

Verse 4

You’ve gotta admire any pair that can make a diamond

Even one that’s fundamentally flawed

But good luck trying to stay harmless

Nobody can pull that off

I can’t remember if words of love were spoken

I know we didn’t build it to last

Whatever we didn’t do back then

Baby, i wish we had

I wish we had


There’s always some people you’re never gonna see again

And some things that should stay in the past

But whatever we didn’t do back then

I wish we had



Verse 1

Stay where you are

Don’t go anywhere

Don’t lose hope

You know where that gets you


I’ll come to find you (3x)

In good time

Verse 2

Stay where you are

Stand firm in your place

Stay tough

Desperation is a cruel road


I’ll come to find you (3x)

In good time

Verse 3

When we’ve figured out the lengths that we’ll go to

Is it worth the ruthlessness of time to get there

Making our way with these invented explanations

Sometimes one has to wonder


I’ll come to find you (3x)

In good time




No ordinary crew, we’re all captains on this lifeboat cruise

Just takes one storm to prove there is strength in our numbers

When a cast of characters, meeting as strangers, becomes sisters and brothers

You’ll know when it occurs

It’s lightning in a bottle


There’s magic in this combination and strong work in our foundation

Nobody messes with one of our own


Growing up ain’t easy, taking on the weight of the world by degrees

When you’re feeling the squeeze you need your posse beside you


The winds of change may shift our course, we never lose sight of the shore

We know the harbor that takes us in

One day I realized just what we share

You know what I’m talking about, you were there

Treasure it, and remember that

You may never see the like again


Steady as we go

Pairing off, or flying solo

Even at a distance we know we’re winging it together


One spark in empty space

Strikes just once, strikes one place

Never forgotten, repeated or replaced

This one’s ours to keep