Free fingerstyle guitar tabs

I love sharing tabs of my fingerstyle guitar arrangements! Tablature is a great way to learn songs on guitar without needing to read music (though my tabs do include staff notation, as well). Sign up here to get a free fingerstyle guitar tab of my choice every two weeks, with a video and performance notes. And as soon as you sign up, I’ll email you one of my favorite tabs. Totally free ;).

To get a tab from my archive, visit my publisher page on Sheet Music Plus.

Here’s my example of a fingerstyle tab that I shared for free with the Tab Pool – my arrangement of “Light My Fire”, by the Doors:

And here’s my fingerstyle guitar arrangement of “Sultans of Swing”, by Dire Straits:


Since the beginning of 2015, I’ve been doing a new fingerstyle guitar arrangement every week and posting it on YouTube. Soon after I began, other guitarists began asking me if I ever created tabs for these arrangements.

I had never thought of doing tablature for my fingerstyle arrangements before, honestly, but as I started tabbing out the songs, I realized that in addition to being able to share the tabs with others interested in fingerstyle, I also had a good reference for my own performances. Because these arrangements can get complicated (Love Cats by the Cure probably the most difficult tab, so far!), it’s not easy to remember what I did, so having the tab is a great way for me to look back and see how I did something.


At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with the tabs. Occasionally I would get an email from another fingerstyle player asking for tablature, and I would email the tab back to them. But I imagined that some people would like getting a tab on a regular basis. So I began the Tab Pool at the end of 2015, and ever since, I send out a new fingerstyle tab on the first of every month, for free. The community continues to grow every day, and I love meeting new people and sharing my arrangements with them.  Tab Pool members also have the opportunity to look through my back catalog and purchase any tabs they may be missing.

As long as there are new songs in the world, I’ll be doing new fingerstyle arrangements and creating tabs, and sharing them with the Tab Pool.

Thanks for your interest!