Back To It

It’s been nigh-on two years since I’ve properly blogged (see some old posts here), and that’s a shame. I like blogging; it’s a natural progression for all high-school journalkeepers, I say, and a great way to share a bit of my own little life.

I’m a solo musician, operating the guitar and sometimes singing as well, based in Brooklyn, NY, and one of the things I love to do is to tour. My tours are pretty much always solo endeavors, and pretty much always by Amtrak, with the occasional leg by plan or Greyhound. My next solo tour begins in two weeks, in San Francisco. I began these solo tours in 2007, and this will be my thirteenth around North America. My longest tour involved forty-two dates over two and a half months, though over the past two years I’ve found that a couple of weeks is kinda the best. I can cover a nice swath of the continent, but not regress completely to hobo existence. By that I mean, where travel consumes everything, taking over relationships, self-maintenance and, especially, music. I was starting to find on the long tours that I wasn’t writing music and wasn’t keeping in very good touch with friends, as keeping track of simple travel logistics took over everything. There’s a romance in constant travel, but for me, at least, I need some home life too.

The other exciting news is my new instrumental album, “In Place”. It’s to be released on September 23, the day before the tour starts. I recorded this material in gorgeous Woodstock, New York, in a marathon recording session over two days that yielded 29 tracks (some of which will be coming out in another, very different album in six months or so). “In Place” has 10 tracks, with common themes of travel, change and resolution.

(If you’re curious, have a listen to the first track from the new album here).

These are big events in my musical and personal life, and I plan to keep this space updated with the things that are going to arise from these events. Some posts may be short, but I hope to keep them very frequent.

I hope you’ll check in now and then.