The Dimed Coffee Club

It’s a big world of music out there, and I’m diving in!

Would you consider buying me a cup of coffee once a month to support my explorations?

Your contribution will allow me to continue doing microconcerts, creating videos and sharing arrangements, chords and lessons, while devoting more time to composing, recording and rehearsing new music.

In return, you’ll get the inside scoop on everything I’m doing. You’ll get advance copies of new music, exclusive glimpses of fresh ideas, and a monthly rundown of all the news. Plus, the occasional surprise in the mail :).

I won’t be sharing all this stuff anywhere else, so if you’re curious about my different projects, please consider joining the Club!

Here’s where I’m headed:
– my first monthly solo guitar single will be coming out next month.
– I’m writing songs with words, and will be singing them! Acoustic at first, but a band project is in the works, too.
The Killifish, my new surf-rock band. Here’s our first video.
– composing for soundtracks. I’m getting my feet wet by playing along with silent movies, and hope to soon put out some videos with my own music.
Swanwelder, my improvisational cassette-loop project. Here’s a video.
– quiet, dreamy ambient music, with keyboards and unusual sounds.
– and who knows what else 😉

I’d love to share it all with you!

To join the Club, check out the different cups below, and click Subscribe at the level that’s right for you. (You can cancel anytime, and keep everything that you’ve received so far).

Or if you’d rather not commit, make a one-time donation here, of any amount you choose. I’ll share this month’s news and goodies with you, and will drop a short line next month asking if you’d like to give again, with no obligation.


– a steaming mug of joe. $2/month to keep the music coming!


– a thick, foamy cup of goodness. Yum. $5/month to keep the music coming!


– a fancy tall glass with whipped cream, plus a strong little dash of extra inspiration ;). $10/month to keep the music coming!

Thank you for your interest!

Please email me with any questions.