On Time

Released November 20, 2015.

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All songs by Daryl Shawn, (c)Tender Entropy 2015

Daryl Shawn: solo nylon-string guitar

This album would not have been possible without these artists:

Hollis Greathouse – engineering, mixing and mastering at Audible Images, Pittsburgh, PA
Samantha Stooke – illustrations
Cara Rufenacht – photographs
Sue Schlabach – package layout & design

And: Deborah Dimasi, Adam Conner-Sax & Pauline David-Sax, Andy Johnson & Michelle Blaine, Scott Yarwood, Erin, Dan & Will Zehr, Suresh Goel, the Freeling family, Shad & Zab, Anita Channapati, Sue Adam, Dave Stott, Gary Rafsky, Ryan Newswanger, Sue Schlabach, & Lowry Newswanger, Wes Newswanger & Janet Breneman, Tom & Kris Aufmann, Janet Blackwood, Annabelle Ladao, Karen Uffalussy, Dave Jose, Nils Erickson, James Bailey, Matt Merewitz, Stephanie Giuffre, Lauren Penner, Joel Estes, Esther Rhatigan, Darryl Hicks, Rob, Jen, & Madison Newmeyer, the Thut Witmer family, Michael Casey, Timothy James Beiting, and everyone else who contributed so generously to the project.

My undying gratitude to each of these special people, and to you for listening!