Back to the microphones

The last three studio days were all spent doing editing, where we review all the various takes of the songs, pick the best ones, and then clean up those takes. That involves going over each second of the tune, and making sure it sounds as good as possible. Sometimes we have to adjust volume levels, sometimes we have to add a subtle effect, and sometimes we need to insert a section from another take to fix something like a big string buzz or out-of-tune note.

It takes a long time – and is the most tedious part of the process – but it’s very satisfying to put the recordings under the microscope and make sure they are in their best light. We’ve now finished three songs, and they sound SO good. Without a doubt the best sounds I’ve ever heard my guitar make in a studio.

Today, though, we’re back to actually recording me playing the guitar. First we’ll take on the title track, “Safe in Sound”. This will the be the last song on the album, and to me is really the heart of the whole thing. It covers the entire dynamic range, from the softest fingerpicking to the loudest whacking away on the guitar, and I just can’t wait to see it come to life.

Then, if we have time, we’ll do “the chopstick tune”, otherwise known as “Tug of the Planet”. This is going to be sheer fun – I’m using my koto bridges and actually using chopsticks to play.

After this, only two songs left to record! I can’t believe it! There’s plenty of work left to edit the rest of the tunes, then finalize the sounds, but we are really moving along. What a great feeling to be at this point.